Talk Back: Wearable Technology, Internet Cafe’s, & Renovating Occupied Communities

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1. Wearable Technology
Dan asks, “Thinking about wearable technology, e.g. Fitbit is anyone using it among residents or thought of how to leverage such biometric data to encourage active aging and wellness?”

2. Internet Cafe’s
Claire asks, “I’ve been reading about Internet cafes in senior facilities. What would one look like?”

3. Renovating Occupied Communities
David asks, “We run an assisted living community that also has a memory care wing. We took over operations about 5 years ago and have discussed remodeling it for a couple of years now, but always come back to the concern of having construction going on with residents in the building and how we would manage that. Can anyone speak to their experience in this and how to successfully navigate through it? I’m also interested in hearing what other communities are giving focus to in their renovation budget.”


The Desire of Dignity

The link below is to a short article discussing our universal desire as humans, for dignity. (You can read the entire article here.)

The writer makes this statement, ” Many feel life is pre-scripted, accept the role given them and feel helpless to change fearing defeat. I propose that healthy people do not accept a life without dignity. Psychologically healthy individuals feel important, proud, happy with their position in life and respected – dignified.” The he poses the question, “When might one lose dignity and how might one regain dignity?” He gives four examples and answers to this question, but does not address seniors. So I pose this question to you:

What situations and circumstances in seniors lives cause them to loose their sense of dignity and how can we help them regain it?

The concluding paragraph says, “To live a life with dignity, one should have a predictable life roadmap, feel satisfied in the life-road chosen and be malleable enough to adapt to future and present bumps in the road. Lastly, to retain dignity is to know and love oneself intimately.”

In the senior care industry, we talk about dignity a lot in regards to residents rights, but how is this ‘roadmap’ to attain and retain dignity applicable when there are many unavoidable and unpredictable roadblocks, that as senior care professionals you are all too familiar with? If you were to give this article to your staff and ask them how they’re helping the residents of your community achieve dignity under these concepts, what would they say? What suggestions and ideas do you have to help residents retain this type of dignity?

Talk Back

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